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Christy Girard

LCSW, Family Focused

I am glad you are here.  I respect your courage to ask for help.  My passion is families. I love to fill up my office with every family member from birth to grandparents.  In the sessions, I am given the privilege of learning about your strengths, your struggles, and watching your interactions with each other.  Even at the hardest time, the family’s strengths can still prevail.

Christy Girard has over 20 years experience helping couples and families.  She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Pennsylvania State University.  GO PENN STATE! She also earned her Master’s of Social Work degree from The University of Pennsylvania.  Christy and her husband were raised in Berks County. They now reside in Lancaster County with their two young children.  She and her family attend a local Christian church and have close family ties to the Catholic Church. Christy enjoys running 5k’s, 10ks and marathons with her brothers and her friends.  Although she loves learning about nutrition, she can also be found at local coffee shops eating donuts with her kids. Christy has a passion for reading and a love for libraries.

Services Offered

Individual Counseling, Family Therapy and 
Marriage/Couples Counseling

Family Therapy is about the connection between each family member.   Who we are is a combination of who we daily interact with and how we adapt to changes in our social environment.  Every person in the family plays an important role no matter how young or how old they are. When one person changes, everyone is affected.  The results can help or harm the family. In beginning family sessions, the therapist will point out patterns of interaction, identify what triggered certain responses, and explore the emotions involved.  Then the therapist will teach new coping skills. As the family members practice using new coping skills, the interaction patterns in the family will change and deepen. The goal of family therapy is to empower the entire family and teach them skills to handle past stressors and prepare them for future events.  

My work centers around the belief that we are created for connection.  After our family, the second core connection in our life is our connection with our partner.  My goal in couples therapy is to repair the bond between couples and increase feelings of security and closeness.  The conflict that occurs between couples is a way to reach out at ask, “Are you there for me? Will you be there when I need you?”  During sessions, we will explore when these questions are triggered and what gets in the way of answering them.  Clients will learn how to respond in a more loving, understanding, and emotionally connected way.  

Here is a great article to explain Emotionally Focused Therapy.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me to discuss options.  By submitting a message below, I will do my best to respond within 24 hours. Thank you for reaching out!

4 Wellington Blvd

Wyomissing, PA 19610

Suite 202

(within Wellsprings Solutions Suite)

Tel: (484) 668-1326

Thank you, I look forward to speaking with you.

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