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Areas of Expertise

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a place to learn new skills in order to better manage life’s ups and downs.  Therapy is a place for clients to uncover their hidden strengths. It is also a place to talk about their past; to have someone to walk alongside them as they tell stories about their life experience.

Marriage/Couple Therapy

The main purpose of marriage counseling is to help both partners
understand each other’s emotional worlds and develop empathy for the other. By focusing on creating a safe emotional connection, couple’s can express their needs while reaching for each other.

Family Therapy

Every person in a family is important. They each play an important role in the change process. When one person changes, everyone is affected. The results can help or harm the family. Family Therapy is a place to recognize family strengths and ways each person can make changes that affect the family for the better. A successful family is not due to the
absence of conflict, instead a successful family is defined by how well they respond to conflict.

Length of Treatment

Depending on the client’s needs and personal goals, treatment length
varies from 6 sessions to several years. Client and therapist with review progress on goals regularly.

If you ever wondered what therapy is like, this is a great article. It is told from the client’s perspective.

My Approach
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